Solvay in Jurong Island, Singapore

About the plant

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This large scale “on-pipe”alkoxylation facility in Singapore is located in the world-class, integrated petrochemical hub of Jurong Island. It produces specialty alkoxylate non-ionic surfactants which deliver targeted cleansing, dispersing, foaming and emulsifying performance attributes in formulations developed for the fast-growing Asian market in home & personal care, coatings, industrial, agrochemicals and oil & gas.

Already Asia’s largest specialty surfactant manufacturer with 11 production sites, 2 Research & Innovation centers in Singapore and Shanghai and a recently opened R&D laboratory in Tokyo, the new Solvay Novecare alkoxylation facility, which begins its operations in July 2015, demonstrates Solvay Novecare’s ambition to be the world leader in delivering innovative surfactant solutions to our customers on a global basis. This new facility will enable Solvay to develop its specialty surfactant offer in Asia and use Singapore as a hub to provide highly competitive and innovative intermediates to other Novecare sites in Asia. In addition, customers in the Southeast Asia region can also be reached in a faster and more efficient manner.


Working in partnership with this new facility in Singapore is the flagship Solvay Novecare Research and Innovation Centre in Biopolis which will develop some of its core competencies and lead in global projects of Home & Personal Care, Coatings and Oil & Gas, including a dedicated team working on Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) solutions; regional hub to develop sustainable solutions for the Agrochemical business

Advanced Technology

This state-of-the-art facility deploys the best available alkoxylation technology, offering a wide range of products, including very high molecular weight, at unmatched quality

Safety & Reliability

On-pipe supply of ethylene oxide (EO) offers a safe and reliable source for the near and long term, eliminating all risks related to transport


Solvay’s investment in this latest facility demonstrates the group’s commitment to its global alkoxylation platform. Solvay has similar sites in Europe, North America and recently acquired sites in India and the Netherlands. There is also a new facility coming soon in Texas.